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Devpark software company provides XAF  outsourcing and application development.

Devpark products based on XAF | About Devpark on Devexpress web. 

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 Russian XAF Group  

Skills:  XAF, JS,  Mobile, more tech ...

We use eXpressApp Framework (XAF) by DevExpress company since 2007 year. Devpark implemented 95 XAF system currently in production use. We know the nuances and subtleties of the development, we are able to use as a standard XAF solutions and extend the functionality with custom modules. Our experience allow as to run on a fixed cost projects, which means that the final assessment of the amount and cost of the work before the start of the project, we can determine the budget for the project in advance and keep it. 

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About DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF) 


The Framework eXpressApp (XAF) by Developer Express is a powerful and versatile tool for creating business applications quickly and easily. XAF allows develop applications for both the web and Windows environments, supporting Windows Forms and ASP.NET2, and shortly, the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) environment.
XAF architecture incorporates eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO), an ORM (Object-Relation Mapping) tool for easy and secure access and storage of information in relational databases. XPO supports over 10 database systems, including some of the most commonly used on the market (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.).   XAF also includes the award-winning DXperience component suite, which enables the developer to increase productivity significantly and incorporate advanced presentation, data publishing, design and list presentation functions.
With XAF, teams can cut application creation time and developers can concentrate on the business logic, leaving aside user interface generation and database access.


XAF is a modern and powerful application framework allowing simultaneous ASP.NET and WinForms development. Its modular design allows developers to choose from the built in modules, or create their own, to build applications faster and in a more robust manner than they do today.

The scaffolding of the UI and database allows the developer to concentrate on the specific business problem at hand without being distracted by the general activities of application development, whilst the modular design of XAF facilitates a plug and play metaphor for common activities such as security and reporting.

Key features include:

  • UI and database scaffolding
  • Multi platform support (ASP.NET and WinForms)
  • Modular design with many built-in modules provided out of the box, along with support for user-generated modules
  • Designers to facilitate changes to underlying XML files
  • Built in support for security, including Active Directory support
  • Business object definition via interfaces

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